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Safety & reliability ALWAYS
We ensure that your machines reach their final destinations in GOOD condition and on TIME
Our Word is our HONOUR.
To provide a COMPREHENSIVE  service.
We have a RM 1,500,000-00 INSURANCE COVERAGE
Our personnel are fully trained in Forklift operations and Safety Issues from UMW.  
Regular in-house and on-site training is carried out to ensure that our quality and safety policies are adhered to.
Our personnel are covered by the Personal Accident (PA) insurance.


Customer Orientated

We value our customers opinions and provide the best moving and packing solution for them.
To focus on providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and strengthening the relationship with them.

Our People


We value our people by creating a safe and conducive environment whereby employees are motivated to develop themselves.

People are our key assets.
Sharing = Caring

Continuous Improvements

To be progressive and always assessing our performance.
We learn everyday and from every new movement.



Adding value for customers through cost efficiency, reliability and honesty.
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